Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Reynoldstown Building By the Bridge

A couple weeks ago on a bright beautiful sunny Sunday in Atlanta, I left the house ostensibly to run errands. Halfway down Boulevard I realized I didn't have the slightest interest in shops and the like and instead decided to visit my best friend in Reynolds-Cabbage. Instead of taking Pearl from Memorial as I usually do, I took Chester and happened to notice this amazing rickety old bridge down Fulton Terrace. The sun glowed over the top of the arc of the bridge and I just knew there was a Girl to be found.

I turned onto Fulton Terrace which becomes Mauldin when you cross under the bridge and immediately I saw this warehouse:

It was like a game, finding the Girls amongst this incredible collection of Atlanta's tags. Then of course, there she was on a door:

And again, growing up from the ground sporting a thought bubble and boobs that were not her own.

Sadly, both of these Girls were clearly very old compared to other pieces on the building. I think this is even more proof that the Girl may be gone- but hopefully just on sabbatical.