Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Wrong Turn Leads to a Blah Girl

All credit for this Girl goes to a favorite Friend of Blah Girl, Shawn- thanks so much! Shawn writes:

First, thanks again for you site. And truthfully, I had given up on see a new Blah girl. Not that I stopped from looking at(or looking for) new street art during my travels through the city, but the thought of an artist not creating art is a saddening thing. No matter the artist.

Anyway, on to the Blah girl. I made a wrong turn, coming out of the Krog St. tunnel going into Cabbagetown, instead of making a left on Wylie I made a right. And after going this way for a short time I realized I made the wrong. So, I needed to double back to get going in the right direction on Wylie and as I was about the start to make my right turn on Wylie and head in the right direction I saw a Blah Girl. So, I made followed this correcting route again to get a picture of her. It was easy to get to her again, all the roads (except Wylie) are one way. So, go on Wylie, to Savannah, to Pickett to Berean, and just before you get back to Wylie the Blah Girl is on a fence on the right.

But I'm not sure if this is a new Blah Girl. The tag next to her goes over the top of her, instead of the other way.

I really love this particular shot that Shawn sent that shows a larger view of the fence covered with a great collection of the many different tags that define this part of our city:

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Lenny's Girl

I was driving with Ela last night and as we drove by the You Go Girl tag I lamented the fact that it's been so long since new Blah Girls have been spotted, and that I feared she might be gone forever. A couple of my readers here have posted that some Cabbagetown neighborhood association had published online information about where the Blah Girl creator lives as part of their "crack down" on street art. I wouldn't blame the Blah Girl creator at all for being more cautious under these terms.

But then when I checked my email moments later, I got a message from the lovely Jana who sent pictures of a Girl she had found at Lenny's Bar on Friday night. I just LOVE this Girl too. I love the fat marker and the contrast between her blackest black and the whiteness of the wall and sink- not to mention her mischievous expression. Ela commented that I should try to get the same design down over my kitchen sink which I think would be terrific.

Thank you Jana for proof that she is not gone! And Blah Girl Creator- if you're out there, keep the Girls coming and holler if you want some commissioned work!